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  • Keychain Stamp Bundles

Try a set of our new one liner notices!

Perfect for commerce on-the-go.

Includes the following five (5) Notices:

⭐Consumer Credit -

For use on any instrument which evidences or embodies a debt arising from a Purchase Money Loan transaction or a financed sale as defined in paragraphs (d) and (e) of 16 CFR § 433.1

⭐Postal Carrier -

For use on mailings to alert carriers of penalties associated with delaying or destructing the mail.

⭐Unethical Contracts & Clauses -

For use on legally binding agreements which may contain questionable or otherwise unprincipled provisions.

⭐Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) -

Used to evoke a legal privilege attached to written or verbal communication made by a party to a dispute in an attempt to settle that conflict out of court.

⭐Default Disclaimer -

For use with financial transactions to release the endorser from future claims by causing a lender or the buyer of a promissory note to assume all risk.

These notices can be used separately or in conjunction with one another based on individual need.

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